Torah: Seven Faces—Seven Ways Reply

Idie Benjamin and Dale Sides Cooperman

Dale Sides Cooperman and Idie BenjaminThe fall is a time of endings and beginning. The cycle of the year begins anew. Summer ends, and school begins. We say goodbye to old friends and make new friends. New-ness permeates everything we do. We even begin anew, with another year of the Torah reading cycle.


Happening on JEDLAB Reply


Peter Eckstein

Peter EcksteinWith close to 5700 members, JEDLAB is evolving. When it formed over 2 years ago, its mission was to explore new, innovative approaches to Jewish education….to be a laboratory where ideas could be tested. It was to be a safe place where educators, folks interested in Jewish education, stake holders, students and others could meet and push the envelope of current Jewish educational practice.


The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids who are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money, Ron Lieber Reply


Vicky Kelman

Vicky KelmanThe Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids who are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money by Ron Lieber

Hmmm. What is the opposite of spoiled? Lieber actually never gives an exact definition of “the opposite of spoiled,” (aside from the second part of his title). He says it “has no useful antonym,” (p. 11) but suggests a range of values that run counter to spoiled.


Transliteration and Translation 1

Joel Lurie Grishaver

Joel Lurie GrishavMore than 160 years ago my father was Bar Mitzvah at Temple Ohabai Shalom in Boston. It was a Reform Synagogue with a traditional leaning. My father never learned a letter of Hebrew, he read his Torah Portion off of a sheet of transliteration. He never did learn a letter of Hebrew, but he did OKAY in the Union Prayer Book universe. He was a Youth Leader, a Temple Treasurer and a board member of the Brotherhood and the JCC. In those days, the Reform movement only ran a Sunday School. No Hebrew involved.