Hanukkah in a Hurry Reply

by Laurie Bellet

There are so few planning days left before Hanukkah and no remaining days for supply ordering but, you needn’t forego wonderful art. So, if you need to do “Hanukkah in a hurry,” this column is for you!

Despite the late date, you can shed any lingering feelings of pressure if you evaluate some key details and realities. What is the purpose of the project? Are you making a gift, looking at tradition, supporting classroom learning or developing self expression? How much actual prep time do you have available to you? How many creative minutes can you give to your students?

Illuminations are always grand for self-expressive themes of brightness and light. Begin with a piece of tin foil, spread it with Mod Podge, lay tissue strips and pieces, confetti, shiny ribbon on the foil and cover with a final layer of Mod Podge. Chat about how the Hanukkah lights make you feel? What colors can you see in the flames?