Carol Oseran Starin 2

Carol Oseran Starin has taught in religious and public schools. She was a Supervisor of Student Teachers at the University of Washington and is a recently retired bureau director. She has written two Let Me Count the Ways books and authored The Jewish Teachers Classroom Planner. She was also a founder of The Jewish Day School, chair of two CAJE conferences, National CAJE chair, and president of her synagogue’s board of trustees.

Praise for Carol’s Work:

Carol Starin’s marvelous book should be on every Jewish teacher’s desk and required reading in every Jewish teacher preparation program.
Dr. Ron Wolfson, Dean, Fingerhut School of Education, American Jewish University.

Carol Starin’s column teaches people how to be caring and how caring teachers can become more caring. What more could any student want?
Danny Siegel

Carol’s optimistic, encouraging and enlightening ideas can help teachers navigate the uncertainties of teaching with more confidence, competence and care.
Gail Dorph, Senior Consultant of The Mandel Foundation

Your book is a treasure! The ideas are incredible for both new and seasoned teachers! Every page contains strategies which a teacher will want to implement. In fact there are sufficient tips to last a lifetime!
Cecile Jordan, Executive Director of the Agency for Jewish Education of San Diego County.



  1. Carol,

    I friend forwarded an email (sent to her as a teacher in our synagogue Torah School) about your suggestions for using Jewish Artists and their Art in curriculum. Yasher Koach!

    I am especially interested in this topic as a former art teacher/museum educator, and Ph.D. in Visual Arts Education with a focus in Jewish Art. Unfortunately, I was unable to open some of the files, but would like to dialogue with you further about this concept. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

    Myrna Teck

  2. Carol: I was thinking of Joel on Halloween which would have been his 64th birthday. I think the last time we spoke was on the occasion of what would have been his 50th. Time has flown by!
    We live now in Anthem, AZ and have been retired for almost 12 years. Trudy and I have 7 grandchildren now and visit them often when we are in the midwest.
    Your career looks to have been (and probably still is) quite challenging and rewarding. Congratulations.
    Drop us an email if you can and maybe we can catch up a little more.
    Steve & Trudy Taylor

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