Joel Lurie Grishaver 2

Joel Lurie Grishaver is a co-owner of Torah Aura Productions. He is a writer, a teacher, a cartoonist and a storyteller. He has authored or co-authored more than sixty books including The Circle of Jewish Life and Forty Things You Can Do to Save the Jewish People.

Joel has degrees from Boston University and the University of Chicago. He has pursued graduate studies at the Hebrew Union College and the University of Southern California. His real education comes from working with Jewish day camps, summer camps, children’s museums and youth groups; and from teaching in Hebrew schools, day schools, Hebrew high schools, and graduate schools. He is a founding board member of the Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education, and fellow of the Consortium for Jewish Family Life (formerly the Whizin Institute). More than twenty weekends a year, Joel teaches Jewish learners of all ages as a Scholar-in-Residence in communities all over North America and Europe.

In 1998, Joel was awarded the Covenant Award for outstanding contributions to Jewish education. He is known to answer his e-mail from both his office in Los Angeles and from his laptop anywhere in the rest of the world.

To schedule Joel for a scholar-in-residence weekend, drop him a line at



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  2. CAJE was wonderful–and it was stressed in many sessions that we should thank those who have enriched our lives in some way. I am hoping my director orders ARTZEINU. After struggling with an outdated black and white text on Israel I really do appreciate the work you and Josh Barkin did to create an age appropriate, thematic, colorful,fair, interesting book on Israel. I am really looking forward to using it next year.

    I have just one critique that hopefuly you can take care of during the editing for the second printing. Montesquieu’s term “branches” (p. 53) is usually used when there are true separate branches as there are in a Presidential system (America). Israel has a Parliamentary system. The Prime Minister is put into power by the “majority” or in reality the coalition of parties that can form a majority. Thus we do not have the executive in a separate branch. Most of the students use the Magruder American Government textbook in public school and it would be easier for everyone if the “language” is consistant.

    Thank you again for a marvelous text-and wish me luck tomorrow as I present the book.

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