On Teaching: Torah Takes Patience Reply

Torah Takes Patience

Joel Lurie Grishaverby Joel Lurie Grishaver

This text is found in the Shulhan Arukh. It is powerful because it talks about anger and frustration—realities for all of us who teach.



Torah: Seven Faces—Seven Ways Reply

Idie Benjamin and Dale Sides Cooperman

Dale Sides Cooperman and Idie BenjaminThe fall is a time of endings and beginning. The cycle of the year begins anew. Summer ends, and school begins. We say goodbye to old friends and make new friends. New-ness permeates everything we do. We even begin anew, with another year of the Torah reading cycle.


When Colored Textbooks Were New Reply

Joel Lurie Grishaver

Joel Lurie GrishaverThis is a reflection on a historical moment in Jewish Education. Originally in 1986 Torah Aura Productions released a black and white book called Being Torah. It had a full colored cover. Textbooks had been in full color for years—just not a lot of them. In 2005 Torah Aura had the negative hand-painted and that meant the book could be in color. The big deal was that the Text could now be in color, too.